Teyxo Dresses – My Newest Additions!

Who here doesn’t love to dress shop? I know I sure do. The hubby always gets a little scared when he


knows I’m on the prowl for a nice dress for one special occasion or another.

As a mother, you just don’t get much “grown up time”. So I try to make mine count.

Recently I’ve been going back to a site that I think has some really quality dresses at decent prices. They’re a independent company out of Romania! Yeah, the old USSR!

Here’s what they say on their blog…

“…is an independent brand, based in Romania, creating edgy and playful clothing for women. Since 2014, …has offered a wide variety of products from asymmetric dresses, tunics and coats to plus size pants, vests and tops. Mixing outstanding designs with quality fabrics, we create a wide range of colours and cuts. Our fun and playful designs achieve the perfect union of elegance, freedom, comfort and beauty.”

I really do like these dresses. And maybe because they aren’t from here, there’s something “exotic” about them.

So I’ve been shopping online to see if I could get a better deal than the prices they have on their company website. Something I always do being on a budget and all. No need to waste hard earned money, right?

Perhaps they buy the dresses in bulk and ship them to America, then they can sell at a discount.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered two dresses. I’ll get some pictures up as soon as they come in.

Anyone else ordered anything from these guys?

Interview: IO Merino

Today Adventure Mom shares interview with David Michell, founder or IO Maino.

Adventure Mom: Hello! Tell us about yourself:


David Michell: My name is David Michell I am a 50 (ish) year old executive director along with my brother Peter. We own Michell Pty Ltd the parent company of I/O Merino. The Company is Australian owned. We built the wool baselayer I/O Merino business alongside our 140 year old wool processing business and applied the knowledge of wools performance, manufacturing capabilities and to win a bet ….that we could link Sheep to Shelf using our own factories and some specially chosen manufacturing partners and deliver THE best in the business. And we did!

Adventure Mom: That’s great, I love that you guys are in Australia and that product goes from “sheep to shelf. Can you tell us how you started your business?

David Michell: The company began in 2005 after more than 10 years of discussion. Our main business is in the early stages of cleaning Australian wool to make it ready for spinning. But in our down time my brother Peter and I are avid Skiers and thought that when the Ski Shell was removed at the Pub after a big day on the slopes that we all looked like we were wearing our parents old underwear…. Not a good look!!!

So while we discussed world textile trends with our customers and their customers we felt we could actually manage the supply chain and make something pretty special from 100% wool that would actually look cool….and voila I/O Merino was born. We went down the usual path with bricks and mortar distribution but found that this path was too slow and really expensive. So last year we went 100% online only and are finding it is gaining traction and sales and is the right delivery for this special niche brand.

Adventure Mom: That’s funny what you say about taking off your outer layer and looking like you were wearing your parents old underwear! What is your favorite adventure? Do you have a favorite spot you like to go to?

David Michell: I have had several adventures in the last few years and have worn our wool products for all of them. They include: 2x 1 week Jungle treks in New Guinea, an 800Km Quad bike crossing of dessert in the middle of Australia, a 100Km Ultra marathon in the blue Mountains near Sydney Australia and recently experiencing the Japanese Powder Skiing in Niseko in northern Japan. Nothing better than actually field testing your own products.

Adventure Mom: It sounds like you’ve had a lot of great adventures and are able to field test your own products. Where have you not gone, but would like to?

David Michell: Would like to test some of the USA trails, I am an avid trail runner and am looking for an ultra marathon or 2 in the next 12 months. Antarctica is also something I would like to try….other than that I am open to suggestion and will try almost anything…

Adventure Mom: Those sound like great adventures. Adventure Mom will be field testing some products later next month. In the mean time, how can we connect with you?

David Michell: Email (david.michell@Michell.com.au )/ Facebook (David Michell and facebook.com/IOBIOMerino) / phone works +61 8 8209 4446….or via I/O Merino emails (customerservice@io-merino.com)

Adventure Mom: Thank you David for your time! It has been a pleasure to connect with you!

Save Money on Ski Gear

save on skii equipmentEver wonder the best ways to save money on ski equipment? Ski gear, especially for kids can be come expensive and quick, if you are outfitting more than one child per season.

Adventure Mom shares tips on how to save money on ski gear.

Here are a few tips for saving money on your ski year:
Ski Swaps

Ski Swaps are typically held at a high school or junior high and people come to sell their gear. It is all done by the person selling it and a small percentage goes to the group hosting the ski swap. Ski swaps are typically held in the Fall.

Black Diamond Store
Snowbird Ski & Board Swap
2nd Track Sports

Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores are a great place to find gear that is used. You won’t find state of the art gear here, but if you’re interested in trying out a sport but not sure you want to invest in state of the art equipment, this is a good place to try

This is also a good place to go or purchasing layers like long shirts and warm pants.

Utah has a large chain of second hand stores called Deseret Industries or D.I. for short. Other second skii equipment tipshand stores like Savers offer discount savings cards where you can earn up to 30% off your next purchase after filling the card.


Similar to second hand stores, consignment shops are a great place to find used clothing and gear. The only difference is that the items are “consigned” meaning a person uses the consignment store to sell their products where as a second hand store like DI is all donation based and they clean the clothes and sell direct to consumer.

We are seeing a trend in consignment stores that are specifically for sports popping up around the nation. In Utah we have 2nd Track Sports located just off of 33rd South.

Rental stores a good option if your children are growing or if you have multiple children you are trying to outfit or don’t have the space to store a lot of gear.

Places like Sports Den offer seasonal rentals for around $120 for the season for skies, boots and poles. Some places even throw in a pair of ski socks.

One thing to note here is that many rental shops will sell their skis, boots and poles at the end of the ski season. New Skies can be hundreds of dollars, so purchasing used gear can be a good option, especially if there is a ski you really want to get into.

And then there are always sites like eBay that can save you quite a bit as well!

Airbender Keyboard Case Review

airbender caseTo say we love technology at our house is an understatement. We have an ipad and love using it for fun and for educational purposes. But we found over the last few months that it we haven’t been using our iPad as much because there isn’t an external keyboard.

External keyboards cost upwards of $500 and it never made sense for me to buy an expensive keyboard for the ipad, especially since it’s our 5 year old and 2 year old that use it most.

The Airbender keyboard by New Trent retails at around $54 on Amazon. It is made with high quality materials and uses blue tooth to sinc to your iPad. The shipping is a quick turn around and it is super easy to put together.

What I really like about it is the clam shell design that opens up and can be used 360. What I mean by 360 is you can view it like a regular computer screen or flip it around and view it from the other side or at different angles. Making the Airbender perfect for meetings where you want everyone at the table to see something.

For me, I’ve been using the new Airbender case to watch netfix shows airbender case 2while I get dinner ready. I like the stability of the stand that sits higher up than the clip covers.

We tested the Airbender keyboard this week and give it two thumbs up as our favorite must have iPad accessory.

Our son is 5 and want to teach him to type.

This keyboard is the perfect size to teach children because it is smaller = perfect for little hands. But still full sized keys that enable an adult to quickly type in meetings, conferences or the classroom with ease.

I’m excited to use the Airbender keyboard next week at Roots Tech genealogy blogging conference and will bring it along to the Snap! conference in April.

Be sure to check out the special offers on the Amazon listing

The great news is that YOU can win your very own Airbender keyboard and use at your next conference, meeting for for home use!